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wizards unite gameplay fortresses

Among the several locations that are part of Wizards Unite gameplay, there’s one that certainly seems filled with possibilities (and is probably the most fun). Fortresses.

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Fortresses in Wizards Unite

These Fortresses will appear on our Wizards Unite map as a castle, like shown in the image above

So, in Wizards Unite, Fortresses take the shape of a castle with different floors or levels. These Fortresses are locations where the game allows us to team up and fight different foes for better rewards.

A few tips for Fortresses

  • If possible, bring along other players. Different professions would be optimal
  • Once you go in the Fortress, other players will only have twenty seconds to join you. Make sure everyone is ready.
  • Have potions ready. Healing Potions and Exstimulo Potion (any of the three strengths) are your friends. Use them.
  • As you fight, check how much damage your foe causes with one strike. Make sure you’re never one strike away from losing. Heal yourself preemptively.
  • Don’t waste time. Five minutes are more than enough for level one. By the time you get to level five it’s a tight fit. If you are carrying lower level players and need to take more than your share time is even more important.
  • Choose wisely when leveling up on your profession. Go through the different lessons and use scrolls on the ones that fit the best.
  • Every time you cast a spell in the Fortress you use up one unit of energy. Make sure you have enough before going in. If you’re running low it’s best to use potions that strengthen your attack power. If you run out of energy you lose.
  • Don’t forget this is a game. Have fun!

Team Work

When you enter a Fortress, you can do so alone or accompanied with up to four other Task Force Members. This means that the teams can be made out of up to five players.

There is something interesting that was mentioned several times in both Pottermore and the official Wizards Unite site. Teams work best when they are made out of players specialised in different professions.

The reasons for this are simple enough. Each profession is stronger against one type of anomaly and weaker against another, so it makes sense for each to take on a different kind of foe.

  • Professors deal extra damage against Curiosities and take extra damage from Dark Forces.
  • Aurors deal extra damage against Dark Forces and take extra damage from Beasts.
  • Magizoologists deal extra damage against Beasts and take extra damage from Curiosities.

Fortress levels

The way Fortresses are set up, in its most basic form, is very much like other games. The ‘building’ will be split into different levels.

Our goal will be to get to the “top of the Fortress”, defeating every enemy that gets in our way.

Once we are within range of a Fortress we will be able to choose which level we want to play in and what family of foundables we want our rewards to come from. Let’s break that down a bit.

When we start the game we only have access to level one Fortresses. Once we make it through that one, level two will be available, and so on.

The adversaries

Although we will  be able to create a team to enter the Fortress, once inside we will not face off with other teams. As of now, the game will be focused on Wizards vs Calamity, so there will be no battling other players. Instead, we will be fighting against an AI.

As we level up the adversaries will become more dangerous and difficult to defeat. At the base level we will be faced with the easiest foes (which does not mean they will be easy to get past.)

When this happens, each member of the team needs to pick something or someone to fight. This is where team strategy comes in. When we come across a Dark Wizard, we will probably want to send a powerful Auror to defeat it. If we run into an angry Acromantula, on the other hand, the task will probably be best suited for a Magizoologist. The Professor will fare much better against curiosities.

The entrance fee

In order to enter a Fortress we need to use a rune. Each rune belongs to a different Registry Family, or category. They also come in different levels (the number on the rune). The higher the rune the higher the difficulty, but also the better the reward.

Once we choose our level and Rune the game will give us about twenty seconds for other players to join in. So if you are going as a group you need to be organised and ready. It’s also important to note that the first person to choose a Rune decides the reward family for the whole group.

Higher level players can carry others through a Fortress by defeating more than their share of foes, as long as the entire challenge is completed within five minutes.

Also, both Magizoologists and Professors have the ability to heal other team members, depending on how they are working their skill tree. So if you have an extra slot it’s best to have a Magizoologist not engage in the fight and instead heal the rest of the team.

Great Victory

As we make our way higher up the Fortress, we will get more and better rewards. Although it’s still unclear what these rewards can be for the highest levels, we can certainly expect rare items.

Bitter defeat

But we can’t always win. And while there is only one path to victory, there are two that will leave us defeated.

The first possibility is quite obvious. If we ‘die’ fighting our adversaries in the Fortress, we are out. If everyone in our team is defeated, the Fortress will be lost.

However, there is another enemy we must keep in mind. Time. Once we enter a Fortress, we will have five minutes to make it all the way to the top. Once the clock strikes zero, the Fortress will be lost.

And that’s it for today

How are you enjoying Fortresses so far? Are there enough in your area? Do you enjoy the challenge? Let us know in the comments!

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