Wizards Unite Gameplay: Foundables

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Today has been a day full of new information, footage and possibilities that probably left many a head reeling.

After so long speculating, we finally have some actual, proper information. So let’s break it down into more manageable pieces and go over what we now know.

Gameplay: Foundables

Here is the official information we have on this new Wizards Unite term, Foundables.

Due to unknown forces (known as ‘the Calamity’), artefacts, beasts, people and even memories of the wizarding world (called ‘Foundables’) seem to be appearing in present-day Muggle reality.


What is a Foundable

Foundable seems to be quite a broad term. It apparently encompasses everything that the Calamity displaced or altered. In other words, the traces of magic we will find out in the open. This will be things we will be able to interact with, and must return to their natural habitat: the wizarding world.

It seems finding and relocating Foundables might be the main activity in the game, getting us through each day and helping us level up enough that we can build our careers and play a part in other ‘minigames’ or events.

Possible Foundables

  • Artefacts: An example of this would be the Snitch and the Nimbus from previous Wizards Unite trailers. And perhaps even the Sorting Hat that appears in the new logo image.
  • Beasts: This one is quite broad. Not only have we seen a Niffler already, but the Pottermore announcement mentions Buckbeak several times (was it him that we heard at the end of the Snitch video?). We also see a Demiguise, a Boggart that takes the shape of an Acromantula, a dementor, a werewolf, and even some strange creatures that look a little like Goblins taking the Sorting Hat.
  • People: We might have known there would be iconic characters appearing in the game. But until now, we had no idea how they would fit. The game takes place in the present. However, today we saw footage of a young Harry attacked by a Dementor . We also saw a young Ron facing a Boggart that looked just like Aragog. Could the Calamity be causing a temporal displacement, too?
  • Memories: It’s a little hard to figure this one out at the moment. My best guess is that it could either mean that some witches or wizards will have forgotten about the wizarding world altogether, or that some of them will have some memories stolen (the Calamity does come with some powerful Confounding magic) and might not remember some spells, or even people they used to know.

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