Wizards Unite Gameplay: Greenhouses

wizards unite greenhouses

Now that the game is finally out in most of the game, it’s time to set up a few guides. Today we’re starting with Wizards Unite Greenhouses.

wizards unite greenhouses


Among the several locations that will be part of Wizards Unite gameplay, there is one we knew nothing of in advance, but turned out to be quite useful: Greenhouses.

Wizards Unite Greenhouses

From the first moment we step foot into the AR world of Wizards Unite we’ll notice Potions are a big part of the game.

We know that Wizards Unite is designed to adapt to various specific circumstances around us. The Foundables we come across will change depending on the area, the season, the weather, and even the phases of the moon. For instance, the best moment to find a werewolf would be at night during the full moon. The same happens with potions ingredients.

As we go about our day playing Wizards Unite we might find some ingredients that will come in handy for potion making. Here is how the official Wizards Unite website puts it:

While exploring, you’ll also come across ingredients that can be used to brew Potions, which will aid you in different aspects of your Wizarding World journey. These ingredients can be found on the Map, varying by the environment, weather, and time of day, as well as in specially designated Greenhouses.

However, these ingredients will be dependant on the area we live in and other circumstances we can’t control. So it makes sense to have a place where we can acquire or cultivate our own ingredients. That’s where greenhouses come in.

There are two options when it comes to greenhouses: Greenhouse and Growing. Here’s what they are and how to use each of them.

The Greenhouse Option

wizards unite greenhouses choose

This part of the Greenhouse works similarly to Inns. Once you are within range of a Greenhouse you can tap on it and step inside. There, you will find three potted plants to choose from. Just slide your finger up over one of the arrows that show up above the plant and you’re done.

Rewards generally include energy and potion ingredients. If either of those vaults is full, you will not get the reward. So make sure at you have room in at least one of those vaults.

After you get your reward, you will have to wait five minutes for the Greenhouse to be active again.

The Growing Option

This Seeds and Water option is much more recent. It came with the game update just before the release. You can access this part of the Greenhouse by tapping on the ‘Growing’ option on the bottom left corner once you are inside the Greenhouse.

You need to get seeds and water from the map. And always keep an eye on the vault, it fills up fast.

wizards unite greenhouses grow

Once in the ‘growing’ area just tap on the plant pot and choose what you would like to plant. You will see the possible options and the ingredients you have or need. You can also see the time it will take for the plant to grow.

It’s very important to keep that time in mind when making a choice, since the ingredients won’t be waiting for you to come back. Once the time is up, the ingredients will appear on the map around the greenhouse for the fastest player to pick them up.

You can speed up the growing process slightly by choosing the contribute option on any active Greenhouse. You can tell which ones are active because they have a glowing light around them.

wizards unite greenhouses contribute

Once you choose to contribute you will see a spell glyph. This will, however, consume energy, so it might not be a good use for your energy if you’re running low, unless you need to shave off a couple of minutes when in a hurry.

wizards unite greenhouses glyph

If you tap on the active Greenhouse you will also see how long is left until the plant is fully grown. If it’s not long it might be worth your time to stick around for a bit and grab some valuable ingredients.

And that’s a wrap

Are there enough Greenhouses in your area? How are you managing your vaults? Do you think the Seeds and Water option takes maybe a little too long? Let us know in the comments!

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