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Wizards Unite Gameplay

Here we will explore what Wizards Unite is all about. From storylines to gameplay, you can find everything we know about the game right here.

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What Wizards Unite has to offer

  • Walk around a magical version of your surroundings looking for traces of magic.
  • Search for Foundables. These can be objects, artefacts or fantastic beasts.
  • Use Confoundables to free, fight or contain these Foundables. Each Foundable will require you to perform a specific spell or action.
  • Earn special reward items for encountering Foundables and entering them into your Registry.
  • Use these special rewards to level up your chosen Profession skill tree, brew potions or ready for battle.
  • Visit different special locations for specific purposes (inns-replenish energy; monuments-get special, related Foundables; Fortresses-team up to battle beasts and Death Eaters for special rewards)
  • Advance along the overall plot to find out what caused The Calamity.

So let’s break this down a bit.

Wizards Unite Theme

The main goal for Niantic and Warner Bros (via Portkey Games) when creating this new Augmented Reality Game was to bring the magic of the wizarding world to our Muggle environments.

They are taking their sweet time doing so, that’s true, but they are also working hard on developing and acquiring the technology needed to make the experience unique.

So right off the bat we have a unique event that threw the wizarding and Muggle worlds into a bit of a chaos. The Calamity is a magical anomaly that causes traces of magic to appear randomly in Muggle areas. This creates the perfect excuse (or explanation) for players to find Potter-related traces in their surroundings.

Now to stop the Calamity, and save the wizarding world from exposure, the Ministry has created a special Statute of Secrecy Task Force. They (we) will be in charge of finding and containing these traces.

Wizards Unite Avatars

The first step once we finally get the game will be to create our own avatar. From what we know so far, the main use of this avatar will be to complete our Ministry ID card.

Ron Weasley Ministry ID

This card will include a picture of us (using the selfie mode on our camera) which we can then edit to add things like scarves, hats or even Specterspecs.

It will also offer information on our house during our schooling years and our wand (wood type, core material, length…)

For more information on Avatars check out our post Wizards Unite Gameplay: Avatars

Wizards Unite Professions

While playing the game, we will be given the opportunity to build an illustrious magical career. As of now we have three options to choose from. We’ve delved a little deeper into each one on our post Wizards Unite Gameplay: Professions.

It is important to mention that while we will choose a profession as we move forward with the game, this choice is by no means set in stone. From what we’ve learnt from early reviewers, we can actually switch between professions along the game, or even specialise in more than one. There is, however, no way to carry points from one skill tree to another, so be mindful of where you spend your special coins and items.

As we advance in the game, we will use special rewards to unlock new levels from our skill tree. This tree is different for each profession, and has many variables to choose from within each. What this shows us is that we are dealing with a well thought-out game, with depth and complexities to rival many popular RPGs.

Here is an example of a skill tree, where you can see just what we mean. We can see all three professions, where we are on our skill tree and many specific statistic for our character.


The Auror

This profession will reportedly focus on duelling. An Auror can specialise in defensive or offensive magic. When entering a Fortress as part of a team, the Auror will have more strength and power behind their spells, but they will also have lower endurance.

The Magizoologist

Now here’s a character that will probably be great with beasts, much like Newt Scamander. We don’t have images for Magizoologist’s skill tree, but if we follow the RPG style this will probably be the opposite of an Auror, with low power in attack and defence, but much more endurance when it comes to teamwork. It will also make sense that this profession will require more encounters with Fantastic Beasts to move up the skill tree.

The Professor

Here’s a profession that is probably not as shiny and attractive at first sight. This one seems like it might be a bit broader in its scope. While we all assume a Professor profession will centre around gaining knowledge,¬† this could also provide the broadest skill tree. There are, after all, a large number of classes a Professor might teach, from Care of Magical Creatures to Transfigurations.

We will just have to wait a little longer to find out. And when it comes to team play this will probably be a more balanced character, with some strength behind its magic, but also a reasonable endurance.

Wizards Unite Locations

If we take a look at the Wizards Unite  map, we will notice the buildings in our surrounding areas have transformed into more wizarding-looking places. For more specific information check out our post Wizards Unite Gameplay: Locations.

Wizards unite map

Among this new magical places we will find:

The Inns

This will be the places to stop when we need to recharge our energy. We can go into the Inn for some food or drinks. While there, we’ll get some energy before we go back to playing the game. Although it seems that there will also be other ways to replenish our energy in-game. Specifically potions.

The Greenhouses

Throughout the game we will be able to play some short, side adventures. Many of these will involve brewing potions. What better place to find some potions ingredients than a magical Greenhouse? And will those Greenhouses be an active part of the game, allowing us to grow our own plants, or will they just be there for collection? We hope it’s the former.

The Monuments

This are special places in our area where we will get related Foundables. These monuments could be museums, zoos, sports areas or schools among many others. You can read more about Monuments in this post.

The Portkeys

Along the way we might also find a Portmanteau in its most iconic shape: an old boot. When activated, this Portkey will take us into a 360¬ļ immersive AR visit to iconic locations, such as Ollivander¬īs or Dumbledore’s office.

The Fortresses

Here is where we will get to team up with up to four other players and battle our way to special rewards. Fortresses will look like buildings with several stories or floors. As we make our way to the top, we will have to battle Dark Wizards, Dementors and other dangerous beasts.

On each of the building’s stories we will need to defeat a foe in order to make our way to the next level. If we are defeated, we will lose all progress made and leave the fortress. If we make our way to the top we will receive special, rare and powerful rewards.

The shape our enemies take will depend on the Registry runes we have acquired through interactions with different kinds of Foundables and special rewards.

Wizards Unite Foundables

Foundables will probably be key for the majority of our Wizards Unite experience. They are objects or beasts left behind by The Calamity and are also referred to as Traces of magic. In previous Wizards Unite trailers we saw a Golden Snitch, some Riderless Nimbus and a Discombobulated Niffler.

The new information and footage showed us a few more Foundables, from fantastic beasts to displaced memories (something we hadn’t seen previously)

freed demiguise wizards unite wizards unite dementorron boggart wizards unite

All these Foundables can be counteracted, or contained, with a specific Confoundable.

For example, we will need to cast Alohomora to free the chained Demiguise, Expecto Patronum to fight the Dementor and Riddikulus to stop the Boggart.

All of these¬† encounters will add to your experience and give you special rewards, which brings us to…

Wizards Unite Registry

Wizards unite registry nimbus wand movement

niffler wand movement


The Wizards Unite Registry is the game’s way of keeping track of what Foundables you’ve interacted with an how many times, and what special rewards you have received. As you can see in the images above, a different¬† “runes” is marked for each interaction. We can also see the wand movement required to contain each trace.

This encounters will help us get runes, which we can then use during our team incursions into Fortresses. We don’t know much about how the runes work yet. What we do know that we need to interact with each Foundable several times before it can be part of our registry or one of our achievements.

Wizards unite gameplay registry

So that’s a wrap

This is what we have for you at the moment. Check the links in each part to get more in-depth information on each subject.

What do you think of the Wizards Unite gameplay so far? What do you like the most? Are there other things you are hoping to see? Leave us a comment and join in on the fun at our community forum!

And don’t forget to pre-register for a better chance to become a beta tester! Also, if you’re experiencing trouble with phone compatibility check our dedicated thread: “Device Not Compatible”

This page will be updated every time new information comes to light, so remember to check back.