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Let´s continue covering the different aspects of Wizards Unite Gameplay We’ve already gone through those lovely Foundables we’ll and interact with along the way. We’ve reviewed the three Professions we can choose from for our wizarding career. We’ve even gone over the different map locations we can go into, Inns, Greenhouses and Fortresses.

But there’s another detail that is just as important. And just as magical:

Gameplay: Portkeys

The use of Augmented Reality in Wizards Unite will help turn our surroundings into something you might find in the wizarding world. But there’s more, according to official sources.

And if that’s not all real enough for you…Discovering Portkeys will bring everything to a whole new level.


*Portkey rewards update*

Although Niantic announced a few days ago that they would lower the rewards to 2km Portkeys and increase it for 5km and 10km ones, they have since made a new announcement.

Based on feedback they received they decided to leave 2km and 5km Portkey rewards the same as they are now. They will, however, increase the wrackspurts rewards for 7km and 10km Portkeys. This sounds like good news on all fronts! And if you have 7km or 10km ready to go, you might want to wait until the next update, which should drop really soon, before opening it. That way you will take full advantage of the increased reward.

What is a Portkey?

The first appearance of a Portkey was in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, when Harry, Hermione and the Weasley bunch attend the Quidditch World Cup. The object in question was an old boot turned into a Portkey Portmanteau. This ‘mundane’ object allowed them to be transported to the World Cup location.

There have been more instances of Portkeys in the wizarding world (although they are heavily monitored by the Ministry) but the boot is probably the most iconic one. This is likely the reason why Niantic chose it to represent Portkeys in general.

The Wizards Unite Portkeys

Here’s what the game has to say about Portkeys.

portkey portmanteau description

Portkey Portmanteaus are trunks enchanted with all manner of Muggle-repelling charms to protect the Portkey within.

Use a Key on a Portmanteay, then start walking to unlock it. When it opens, it will reveal a Portkey that can transport you magically to a Waypoint – a special location in the wizarding world, where Calamity magic has been detected.

How do Portkeys work?

The first step in getting through a Portkey is finding one on the map and tapping on it to pick it up.

Once you do this, the Portkey will appear in your suitcase. In order to activate the Portkey you will need to use a key. We all have one gold key that we can use on any type of Portkey. Once we have covered the appropriate distance and the Portkey is activated, this key will return to our inventory to be used again. You do not need to open the Portkey in order to get the key back.

When a Portkey is activated it will turn into its Portmanteau shape: The old boot. If you select the boot and choose to open it you will go back to the main screen. On the floor you will see a shiny square and the boot. You must now tap on the boot to open the ‘doorway’ to the special wizarding location. Now just take a step forward (or move your phone forward) in order to step through the portal into the other side.

You will be surrounded by an immersive experience where everything around you turns into the Forbidden Forest, Hagrid’s Hut or Ollivander’s to mention a few.

It’s important to remember there is no time limit here, so you can take as long as you want to explore the room. It’s best if you open the Portkey somewhere where you are free to move a little.

Once inside the magical location, you must tap on five wrackspurts to get your rewards. Wrackspurts appear in the form of a small, bright light. There are more than five to find, but once you tap on five of them the Portkey will close and return you to the map.

Rewards vary depending on what type of Portkey you have opened, with better rewards for higher distance Portkeys. In each Portkey you can find XP, family XP and potions ingrediets. There is also a multiplier, so the more you find of one type, the higher the reward. Of course, there is no way to tell them apart before tapping, so it’s a matter of luck.

Brilliant Portkey Portmanteaus can also give you a brilliant fragment during an event or even some time after.

The four types

prized portkey portmanteau

  • The Prized Portkey Portmanteau is the 2km Portkey. It is the most common Portmanteau on the map and can be unlocked by walking two km (or when the game says you have walked 2 km…the distance measurement is not working perfectly yet). Even though you can use a silver key to open it, it is recommended that you use a gold key when possible for the 2km Portmanteau. The reason is simple: Silver Keys are finite. Gold keys can be used one at a time, but as soon as the Portkey is unlocked, even if you don’t open it, you can use that same key on another Portkey.

brilliant precious portkey portmanteau

  • The Precious Portkey is the 5km Portkey. For this one which key to use. If you are a fast walker I’d say go for the gold one. If it’ll take you a while to get through them, maybe it’ll be best to leave the gold key for 2km Portkeys and use a silver key when needed.

paramount portkey portmanteau

  • The Paramount Portkey Portmanteau (try saying that a few times in a row!) is the 10km Portkey. This, of course, means it takes 10km to unlock the Portkey once the key is inserted. This version is rarer, and its rewards much better than its 2km and 5km counterparts.

brilliant precious portkey portmanteau

  • The Brilliant Portkey Portmanteau is only available during Wizards Unite Events and takes 7km to open. This one takes you straight into the Forbidden Forest and the generally include exclusive event content, such as Foundable fragments.

So how do I tell them apart?

Unfortunately there are a few issues with Portkeys at the moment. Telling them apart on the map is one of them. As of now, there is no way to tell which type of Portkey we are dealing with until we pick it up, since they all look the same at first.

Portkey portmanteau foundable map close up

Once you tap on them, the Portkeys will appear on your suitcase. You can only have eight Portkeys at once.

suitcase portkeys

Under each of the Portkey you can easily see their type and how far they are from activating. Unfortunately, once a Portkey Portmanteau is active, it will take the form of an old boot regardless of what type it is. Although game data indicates they are planning to change that (there are images of a deflated football and an old kettle already in the game) right now if you have more than one type of Portkey active there is no way to tell them apart.

This is a problem, for example, when you are close to community days. Those days the Baruffio Elixir triples your XP, so you might want to keep your suitcase filled with 10km Portkeys. However, there is no way for you to open the lower level ones and leave the active 10km since they all look the same. We’re hoping they will fix that soon.

And that’s all for now

That’s what we have for today. We felt it was important to share this little piece of knowledge as soon as possible, so we can all make the most of the Event and complete the missions and the Registry. Now off you go to save us from the Calamity!

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