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Since the day The Calamity was first reported, rumours have vastly outnumbered any official information.

The Ministry has yet to give any explanation as to why the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures has been shut down. They have barely acknowledged our investigation into the Nimbus incident and the Potters’ involvement. And after almost a month, there has been no official explanation for what happened at the Ministry’s New Year’s Eve Ball.

However, here at the Daily Prophet (unlike the Ministry) we endeavour to give you the truth. Among the endless rumours that have reached our offices, one appears to be completely credible. Here is what we have discovered during our investigation.

The Ministry of Magic and the Muggle governments are working together to stop The Calamity

How can working with Muggles help us?

Some of you, dear readers, might know a thing or two about Muggles. You might have learnt some of their quirks during Muggle Studies. You might come from a Muggle or mixed family. Perhaps you are simply curious as to how someone can live without magic. Many of you, however, probably know very little about them. Regardless of your level of knowledge, we will try to explain their “resources” as best we can.

Muggle “technology”

Since Muggles do not have magic, they have developed certain objects to help them through mundane activities. They refer to these objects as technology.”

Muggles will believe the traces of magic they see are part of this game, thanks to a powerful Confundus Charm embedded into the Wizards Unite App.

They have created household “apleeances.” They use these for things like cooking, heating or cooling food instead of simple charms any of us might use.

Vehicles that travel down roads at snooze-inducing slow speed make up for their inability to use Apparition, the Floo Network or something as basic as a flying broom. 

The most common device, and we one we are now interested in, is the “telephone.” This object was first designed for voice communication. One  Muggle can speak to another anywhere in the world with this device.

According to many sources, rogue witches and wizards are the real reason Muggle “technology” has progressed so quickly.

As their “technology” progressed,  these devices also evolved. They now allow them to access information or capture images (both static ones and moving pictures they call “videos”.) These videos are somewhat similar to magical paintings or pictures, only Muggles cannot interact in any way with the subjects depicted in them.

wizards unite app phone

Their “Mobile Phones” also allow them to listen to music or “play video games.” From what we understand, these games are similar to Wizard Chess but on a flat, mirror-like “screen”.

Wizarding and Muggle relations

All of us will remember The Great Exposure of 1997.

The Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes had to be deployed. They were forced to take drastic measures to save us from permanent exposure back then. Wizarding and Muggle relations were re-established at a Top-Secret level. After centuries underground, wizards and Muggles were temporarily working together again,

Since then, the Statute of Secrecy and International Magical Cooperation departments from all over the world have allowed Muggles a glimpse at our world, disguising it as literature.

Now that The Calamity is threatening our exposure again, it seems these relations have been rekindled.

Wizards Unite on “mobile” devices

The Calamity is causing traces of magic to appear in the Muggle world, which means that is where the Statute of Secrecy Task Force has to operate.

riderless nimbus video wizards unite

Our sources tell us that they have reached an agreement with the Muggle governments to hide Task Force Members in plain sight. This solution will be very similar to that of The Great Exposure of 1997.

Muggles are, apparently, constantly using their “Mobile Phones“, so the Ministry has decided to use this fact as the perfect cover for The Calamity.

They are now, according to our sources, developing what they call “The Wizards Unite AR Game App”. This game will blend Muggle technology and magic in an attempt to wade through the chaos.

Muggles will believe the traces of magic they see are part of this game, thanks to a powerful Confundus Charm embedded into the App. Whenever they see one of this traces or interact with it, Task Force members will be notified and rush to the scene.

A clever charm will disguise Task Force members’ wands and make them look just like any other “Mobile Phone.” That way, when they stop the traces of magic or capture loose creatures, Muggles will think they are just another person playing Wizards Unite.

Wizards Unite AR Game

When traces of magic appear and members of the Task Force arrive to stop them, Muggles will believe they are just another person playing Wizards Unite.

The Ministry encourages all witches and wizards to join their Task Force (you can enlist here). Meanwhile, Muggles are getting ready to begin playing the Wizards Unite AR Game. After much investigation, we are happy to share with you what the Muggles know about the game and where to “download it”.

Simply tap your wand RIGHT HERE to find out everything there is to know about the Muggle Wizards Unite game.

We have tried to contact the Ministry to confirm what our sources have told us, but the Minister has, so far, refused to comment.

We will be sure to update you on any new development regarding The Calamity and the Muggle Wizards Unite Game, so be sure to check out our next issue.

And above all, stay alert!

Remember: keep your eyes peeled, your ears open and your wands ready.

Accio Wizards Unite

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