Did Samsung call dibs on Wizards Unite?

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Samsung might have negotiated a deal to offer Wizards Unite exclusively on their devices. Here’s what we know so far:

The players

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On one side we have Samsung, one of the biggest mobile phone companies.

The company can feel new competitors hot on their heels -mainly Chinese brands such as Xiaomi or Huawei. They know they need to provide added value to work through this crisis. It has to be something exclusive; something that will make them unique.

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On the other side we have Niantic, a tech company that creates games known for their immersive experiences.

They are the creators of Pokémon Go and the ones developing Harry Potter, Wizards Unite. The company is apparently in need of investors, and getting ready for an IPO in 2019. This is an Initial Public Offer, where the company offers shares to the public for the first time.

So we have a phone company in need of exclusive added value and game developers in need of funding.

This would not be the first time Samsung partners with a gaming company. In fact, for a time, Samsung had the only Android devices on which you could play Fortnite.

The Rumours about Samsung’s deal


When The Inquirer¬†broke the news, every Harry Potter fan waiting patiently for Wizards Unite to be released begged to Merlin it wasn’t true.

Apparently, Samsung would invest $40m in Niantic in exchange of having a Harry Potter game in exclusive and other Niantic games, such as location-based Ingress, pre-installed in Samsung devices.

It is unclear whether the deal (which would not include Niantic’s star product, Pok√©mon Go) would be for Wizards Unite or a different, exclusive Harry Potter Game. But considering the delays in the game’s release, and the absolute lack of information surrounding the issue, tit seems unlikely that Niantic would, in fact, be developing another Harry Potter game at the same time.

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Interestingly, any Niantic Harry Potter immersive augmented reality game would be very well matched with Samsung. They could easily take advantage of the S Pen¬†to make the playing experience unique. Samsung’s stylus has a Bluetooth connection that can be tracked in real-time. This could let players use the stylus as a wand when casting spells or duelling one another.

Just the thought of it probably has many of us fans itching to get our hands on the stylus.

Can’t you just imagine being a part of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force,¬†being able to run around trying to track and stop traces of magic, all the while using the stylus as a wand?

Unfortunately, some of us were not lucky enough to get into Hogwarts; this might be the closest we ever come to being witches and wizards.harry potter hogwarts acceptance letter

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