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wizards unite release

As many of you know, Niantic and Warner Bros organised a special Wizards Unite event in LA this past Tuesday 18th of June. They invited content creators to share some new information about the company’s plans for Wizards Unite and to let them try out the game themselves.

wizards unite LA event

But there was one especially interesting bit of information they shared, and asked content creators (many of them WuTubers) to pass along. The game was set to begin its global release on June 21st. 

The official Wizards Unite confirmed the news shortly after. However, they added a little more information. The release with start with the US and the UK exclusively on the 21st. They gave no information regarding a global launch schedule.

Here is the official tweet, accompanied by a new trailer.

The tweet reads:

The worldwide launch of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite begins this Friday, June 21! Keep your eyes peeled and wand ready for more information as the game goes live in your region soon. #WizardsUnite.

There was a bit more information that doesn’t show on the image above. It reads:

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite | Launch Trailer
The worldwide launch of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite begins this Friday, June 21 in the US and UK!
Keep an eye out for more information as the game goes live in your region.

The Thursday Surprise

While everyone was busy getting ready for the release (or wishing they were in one of the two countries getting Wizards Unite first) something strange happened. We started hearing of people opening their Wizards Unite APK in the US and UK to find the map was live. They could see Inns, Fortresses and Greenhouses in their areas!

At first it seemed spotty, some areas were covered, others not. But soon both the App Store and Play Store began allowing players to download Wizards Unite.

And after that it was confirmed. Niantic was launching Wizards Unite a day early!

wizards unite released

Which, incidentally, aligned with what we had heard from the infamous EE leak.

Even then, there was no word on when the rest of the world would get to play. Niantic does like to keep tight lips.

The Global Wizards Unite Release

While this surprise early release made us happy, it also left us wondering what Niantic was planning for the rest of the world. Then the rumours started. And they came from reliable sources.

Of course, as of now, this should be taken as speculation, since there is no official confirmation.

Unofficially, though…there’s a rumble in the forbidden forest. The Centaurs have been reading the stars. It all points towards a global June 21 Wizards Unite release! And after beginning to fear we might have to top up our patience reserves and wait for the game to drop when it dropped, we are extra inclined to believe this.

So witches and wizards, get your wands ready, put on your most Muggle-seeming clothes (I hear they like bright colours and varied patterns) and keep checking your map. Those amazing wizarding buildings might pop up at any moment!

And of course, while you wait for the game to drop, or while you try to process how awesome the game is, don’t forget to add your friend code to our map, it’s the best way to find other players in your area and to fill up your social section. The more friends, the more gifts and the more XP!

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You should also take our Profession Quiz to find out which Wizards Unite profession fits you best!

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You can also join our discord and our forum so we can talk a little more about WizU. Or share our adventures playing Wizards Unite. Or maybe just talk about the game over some Butterbeer. Just click the button you like most and you’ll find us on the other side!

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