Task Force video: on-site training

witch catching snitch

New Task Force video released. Ministry finally speaks out.

The Calamity puts us all in danger, and it must be contained.




The Calamity puts us all in danger, and it must be contained.

The Ministry of Magic has begun on-site training for members of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force.

Muggle devices recently captured the following Task Force video in an alley in outer London. Fortunately, members of the Task Force retrieved the footage and Obliviated all witnesses before it could be made public.

To view this video, simply tap your wand on the centre triangle.

What this could means for us

This Task Force video shows the excellent work of our new recruits in containing The Calamity. It also conveys the danger some seemingly innocuous magical objects pose to the safety and secrecy of our world.

witch catching snitch

The recruit on the Task Force video, who shall remain unnamed for security reasons, made perfect use of a simple spell to render a Golden Snitch motionless and thus contained the threat of immediate exposure.

However, as the recruit takes the Snitch, a loud roar can be heard somewhere in the background.

Where have all the beasts gone?

We can confirm the reports that some creatures and beings have disappeared from privately-owned magical research facilities and reserves around the world. Many of these creatures are highly dangerous and pose a threat to us all.

Experts currently cannot seem to reach an agreement on what type of creature the roar in the video belongs to, though most of them believe it might be a hippogriff.

They do, however, agree that it must have been either deliberately released in a Muggle-populated area or lured there by The Calamity; Otherwise, they assure us, these creatures instinctively tend to avoid non-magical areas.

Enlist now, join the Task Force and become the hero you always wanted to be.


Members of our Task Force continue their search for this, and other, creatures, but the Task Force’s resources are limited and the threat immediate.

The Ministry of Magic calls on any and all witches and wizards willing to roll up their sleeves. We must take on The Calamity to save our world from exposure. You can enlist here.

Begin your training now

AccioWizardsUnite is a Ministry-approved Muggle-proof training site. We are here to help members of the newly-created Task Force to brush up on their spells, curses and general magical knowledge.

Within this site you will learn to improve your reflexes, increase the power of your spells and become proficient in one of our most powerful weapons against The Calamity: the deceptively difficult memory charm Obliviate.

Statute of Secrecy Task Force: Become one of us

Join now, meet other members and share your thoughts and experiences.

Find out where you are most likely to encounter traces of magic among the Muggle world and the best way to contain them.

Hone your skills to become the best Task Force member the wizarding world has ever known.


And above all, stay alert!

Remember: keep your eyes peeled, your ears open and your wands ready.

Accio Wizards Unite

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