wizards unite timeline

Wizards Unite Timeline

Wizards Unite is slowly inching closer to its worldwide release (we hope). So let’s go over what’s been going on in this last year and a half.

A lot has happened since the game was first announced, back in November, 2017. From logos, to trailers, to beta releases, Niantic has been giving us little droplets of information to keep us hooked.

So join us as we go through the Wizards Unite timeline. What a ride it has been!

19 Jun 2019

Wizards Unite – Launch Trailer

The worldwide launch of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite begins this Friday, June 21 in the US and UK! Keep an eye out for more information as the game goes live in your region soon.

17 Jun 2019

Wizards Unite Trailer: Gameplay Trailer

Let’s watch some Muggles enjoying Wizards Unite

30 May 2019
fantastic flora and fauna event banner

Wizards Unite event: Fantastic Flora and Fauna

The first Wizards Unite event has arrived. But only for those in Beta regions.

More info

29 May 2019
beta feedback email intro

Beta Players Survey

Niantic and WB contacted Wizards Unite beta players asking for their feedback.

More Info

22 May 2019

Wizards Unite Trailer: Turbulent Hippogriff

Just a Hippogriff stretching its wings. Nothing to see, people, move along.

15 May 2019

Wizards Unite Trailer: Ravenous Three Headed Dog

Poor Fluffy was just hungry

15 May 2019

Wizards Unite Trailer: Monster Book of Monsters

The Monster Book of Monsters been biting his way to the Muggle world. It just needs a little love and a cuddle…


14 May 2019

Wizards Unite Trailer: Calling all Wizards

The Wizarding World needs our help. The Calamity is out of control. Muggles are beginning to notice. Enlist now and help save our way of life!

4 May 2019

Wizards Unite Trailer: Kittens playing with Golden Snitch

This is the fourth trailer for Wizards Unite that Niantic has released.


1 May 2019
wizards unite beta australia

Wizards Unite Beta live in Australia

Beta release live in Australia after a couple of false alarms from Niantic.


17 Apr 2019
Wizards unite beta harry

Wizards Unite BETA released in New Zealand!

Wizards Unite made its way into New Zealand on a wonderful Wizarding Wednesday.


10 Apr 2019
codename reservation PoGO Ingress

Codename Reservation for Pokémon Go and Ingress players

Niantic cared about their actual players and gave us the option to reserve our Trainer Nicknames or Agent Names.


11 Mar 2019
Wizards unite gameplay hagrid

Gameplay Footage and Android PRE-Registration

Official and detailed info about Wizards Unite Gameplay. Android pre-registration opened!


20 Feb 2019

Third Trailer: Rogue niffler on the loose

#WUtubers were the first ones to get this trailer and informed about their findings.


20 Dec 2018

Second Wizards Unite Trailer: Riderless Nimbus 2000

One month after first Wizards Unite Trailer, a second one was published: Brooms flying out of control


14 Nov 2018

SOS Task Force video: on-site training

Just one day after the Official Wizards Unite logo was released, Niantic published the first trailer: a member of the Task Force capturing a Golden Snitch.

13 Nov 2018
harry potter wizards unite logo e1549407404361

Official Wizards Unite Logo and its three very familiar wands

Pottermore was the first to unveil the new Wizards Unite Logo, which includes a three iconic wands you’ll recognise.


8 Nov 2017
Statue of secrecy task force wizards unite harry potter

Wizards Unite announcement

Niantic and WB Games announce Wizards Unite AR Game for 2018 based on Harry Potter universe.


Of course, we will continue updating this timeline as new information comes to light.

Enjoy our in-depth analysis of the Wizards Unite gameplay information (Foundables, Professions, Locations, Game Introduction and much more!) as well as official Niantic and Warner Bros news. We also have done quite a bit of speculation by now, and that’s a great read, too!

If you want to be the best SoS Task Force Member the wizarding world has ever seen, you need to know what is happening out in the Muggle world. The Calamity must be contained!

Every day we learn more and more about the Wizards Unite Beta version. Most of it from the lucky players in New Zealand and Australia who got to try the AR game first. And it looks absolutely amazing! So stay tuned, keep checking back for updates, and join our Community to share the experience with other Harry Potter fans who are just as excited about the game as you are. And you can now also join our Discord channel for a fun chat!

discord logo wizards unite

If we missed any important bit of information in Wizards Unite, a History, please send us an owl to let us know!

And as always, keep your eyes peeled, your ears open and your wands ready.

Accio Wizards Unite!