Wizards Unite Fantastic Beasts: Basilisks

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A Magizoologist’s guide for the regular witch and wizard getting ready for Wizards Unite

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Today we will be covering: Basilisks

Slytherins basilisk

Ministry of Magic Classification: XXXXX – Known wizard killer / impossible to train or domesticate

Physical Appearance

The Basilisk is also known as the King of Snakes.

It is a magical creature that largely resembles any other large snake, but can grow up to fifty feet in length.

Its body is thick, with bright green skin that can deflect most types of magic. Like many other reptiles, it periodically sheds its skin, which can be sold in the black market for certain dark potions due of its unique properties. Despite its high value, there aren’t many witches or wizards who would risk approaching a Basilisk to collect its skin.

Basilisks are feared creatures for good reason. Their eyes will instantly kill anyone or anything that stares directly into them. In fact it is well documented that Acromantulas fear Basilisks above all else.

Basilisks also possess long, sharp teeth that are extremely venomous and deadly in most cases. In fact, the only known Basilisk-venom survivor is Harry Potter, although the details of his encounter with a live basilisk are not public record.


basilisk breeding

Basilisks were created through experimental breeding done by dark wizards looking to possess an extremely powerful creature. Herpo The Foul was the first wizard to breed a basilisk. He did so by hatching a chicken egg beneath a toad.

Although the Ministry of Magic banned experimental breeding in 1965, largely thanks to the work of famous Magizoologist Newt Scamander, basilisk breeding had already been banned since Medieval times due to the creature’s danger to society.

Basilisk breeding is extremely dangerous and carries heavy penalties. However, it is very difficult for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures to enforce this ban. All a wizard would have to do upon seeing Ministry officials approach would be to take the frog off the chicken egg and there would be no proof of the crime.

Special Abilities

There is a clear lack of information and detail when it comes to Basilisks, but here are a few things we do know about them.

Basilisks, much like any other snake, can communicate with Parselmouths. Despite this, a Basilisk will not be loyal to any Parselmouth. The witch or wizard would have to earn the creature’s trust and respect to be able to control it.

The lifespan of a Basilisk is extremely long, even by wizarding standards. They can generally live for almost a millennium. In fact they could survive much longer if a Parselmouth with control over them ordered them to sleep. At this point the creature would enter a type of hibernation and would stop aging while in this state.

Basilisks are one of the most deadly magical creatures. Their skin and fangs are venomous and their eyes will instantly kill anyone who looks into them. Even when seen indirectly, the victim would be petrified and helpless.

Basilisks are also extremely territorial and temperamental. Even without its venom and deadly stare, a fifty-foot-long giant snake could still kill any witch and wizard by crushing or suffocating them. Especially since their skin makes them impervious to magic, so its victims would be unable to defend themselves.

There is one thing that Basilisks fear, one thing that can instantly kill them: the crowing of a rooster.

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Basilisks on Wizards Unite

If, as members of the SoS Task Force we are on the hunt for a Basilisks, here’s what we need to remember:

  • Never look directly into its eyes. In fact, a Muggle mobile can be quite useful thanks to its camera
  • Avoid touching its venomous skin
  • Stay away from its fangs if you want to survive the encounter
  • Do not try to use magic on the creature; its skin is magic-repellent (as stated by Pottermore here). All your spells will do is enrage it
  • Find a Parseltongue to accompany you on the mission

And even if we do get to have magical pets in the game, a Basilisk would probably not be a very good choice

  • They are extremely large creatures, almost impossible to hide from Muggles
  • Their skin and fangs are venomous and can kill with a touch or a nip on bare skin
  • Its eyes will kill anyone who looks directly into them or paralyse whoever sees it indirectly. The collateral damage would be too great
  • On the other hand, if you are a Parseltongue and earn the Basilisk’s trust you can control it and perhaps even possess it, like Voldemort did. This would give you an extreme advantage over your opponent during a duel

Do you agree with us about how dangerous a pet a Basilisk could be? Would you like to have a Basilisk as your Wizards Unite sidekick? Scroll down to the comments section and send us an Owl to let us know!

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