Wizards Unite Fantastic Beasts: Bowtruckes

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A Magizoologist’s guide for the regular witch and wizard getting ready for Wizards Unite

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Today we will be covering: Bowtruckles

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Ministry of Magic Classification: XX – Harmless. May be Domesticated

Physical Appearance

Much as you can see in the image above, Bowtruckles are small fantastic beasts that largely resemble a twig.

Although they vary in appearance, they generally have two long arms and three long, sharp, and extremely limber fingers on each hand. They use these fingers to dig out wood lice from the trees they inhabit and protect themselves from anyone who threatens them or their tree.

Bowtruckles also have three legs, which helps them keep their balance when moving around their tree. Some of them prefer to walk only on their legs, while others tend to walk on their hands and feet.

Their green skin and brown eyes let them blend easily into the trees they live in, so they are immensely difficult to spot. They are quite small, and rarely grow past four inches, or ten centimeters.


Bowtruckles are carnivorous creatures, and mainly feed on insects. They tend to stay close to their trees, so they generally limit their food search to insects that venture too close to their home.


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Bowtruckles tend to live in wooded areas and can be found in western England, southern Germany, and certain Scandinavian forests. They live in small groups called a Branch, and are very loyal to, and protective of, other members of their Branch.

They are very shy creatures, and it’s rare for a witch or wizard to spot one. However, when someone earns their trust, they tend to bond and think of them as part of their Branch.

Bowtruckles serve as guardians for their home tree, and tend to live in trees with wand-quality wood. Although generally peaceful creatures, Bowtruckles will become violent if anything threatens its tree or itself. Their main form of attack is to dig their sharp fingers into the attacker’s eyes.

If a witch or wizard wants to take leaves or wood from a Bowtruckle's tree (and keep their eyes), they have to offer it woodlice or fairy eggs as a distraction. Click To Tweet

Owning Bowtruckles

Although Bowtruckles are extremely hard to find, a patient witch or wizard with enough fairy eggs might be able to draw them out and gently interact with them. A good way to find them is to search for trees that have magic wand-quality wood.

Famous magizoologist Newt Scamander did, in fact, own several Bowtruckles. He even mentioned in interviews that he became very attached to a particular one he named Pickett.

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Bowtruckles on Wizards Unite

If, as members of the SoS Task Force we are on the hunt for a Bowtruckle, here’s what we need to remember:

  • Approach it gently and carefully
  • Make sure to bring woodlice or fairy eggs with you
  • Protect your eyes
  • Keep the magic simple. Stunning Spells work great if you have good aim and want to catch one. A Protego Charm or even Depulso might save you a trip to St Mungo’s if the Bowtruckles decide they don’t like you.

And if we do get to have magical pets in the game, a Bowtruckle would be an excellent choice.

  • They are shy by nature, so the risk of exposure would be very low.
  • They are also quite intelligent and extremely loyal, so they would use those sharp little fingers might get us out of a touch spot.
  • And as we saw on Fantastic Beasts, they are great at picking locks of any kind, so for those doors a simple Alohomora won’t open, a Bowtruckle might just save the day.

Do you agree with our choice of pet? Would you like to have a Bowtruckle as your Wizards Unite sidekick? Scroll down to the comments section and send us an Owl!

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