First Three Weeks of Wizards Unite: Worldwide Resources

wizards unite resources

Three weeks already!?! I feel like I’ve used a time-turner! Here’s a quick look at some of the best research and resources published during the first days of Wizards Unite – and a few good ones published pre-release.

Wizards Unite Around the World

Thanks to beta users’ research, we see Niantic has been listening to its witches and wizards. Since New Zealand’s early release, the creators of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite have increased spell energy gained at Inns and Greenhouses due to beta users’ requests. Source

Professions Guides

In addition to our  Guide to Professions and Wizards Unite Profession Quiz, witches and Wizards throughout the world have been assisting new spell casters by sharing their findings on Reddit and Instagram:

All the way back in May, Instagram Wizard, @OrangeWizard2019 did our maths homework for us in this Infographic made to help us, our friends and our family choose their professions.

Profession skills

@SwagTips, a known and admired maths professor, has provided us with various paths to secure victory for our chosen profession, be it Professor, Auror, or Magizoologist. TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read): Deterioration Hex, Confusion Hex, and Becoming the Beast respectively are the ways to go as you collect all the power and stamina that you can.

professios progressionauror progressionmagizoologist progression

Mastering Spellcasting

Our fellow witches and wizards are having great success making and using stylus wands to cast masterful spells: curvy ones with links for where to buy materials and straight ones and even more straight ones available on etsy:

stylus wands wizards unite

You might be having red dot problems related to prestiging your registry page, but some of our wizard friends have been making maps of other red dots. These red dots are the ones you want to touch in order to cast a masterful spell.

red dots wizards unite spells

Wizards Unite Research Findings!

And now on to the research! We’ve gotten a lot of great day in the life research reports this month, including our Top Ten Tips for playing Wizards Unite, fortress findings, a report on how to spend gold and one called everything we know so far – they provide what we need to know as a new spell caster. I look forward to the day someone puts them all together into in infographic the size of a baby Hippogriff.

Our friend Carley Quave over at Gamepress has decided to enchant her pen in the style of Rita Skeeter. Because of her hard work, you can enjoy the Mysteries and SOS Assignment conversations you may have clicked through too quickly in your quest for greatness.

Two groups of Wizard researchers have compiled findings and more findings about family flags and where Foundables families spawn i.e. Care of Magical Creatures can be found in Parks marked “leisure” on Open Street Maps. The first group has put together research detailing when Oddities spawn. Infographic

oddities spawning Wizards unite

One intrepid wizard solved half of the riddle as to why inns of a certain color stick together – the other half of the riddle is why each color is chosen for each area. One more fun inn-related piece of research riddle for you is whether you always receive the bottom right plate or upper right plate when you eat at an inn – or neither.

Two Warnings and Three Research Invitations!

A few words of warning you hopefully already knew about: don’t open a Portkey without a good quality internet signal… Source

Despite the New Zealand community’s help, most inns still don’t give out more than three energy per stop, so don’t get greedy expecting a turkey dinner on every meal… Source

And since you’ve made it this far, maybe you’d like to join in on some research – filling out your local map with Traces, Inns, Greenhouses and Fortresses. Or maybe you’d like to fill out your spawn findings on this chart.

Finally, if you are an intrepid witch or wizard, you can share your findings regarding spawns, Portkeys, oddities or Wizarding Challenge rewards on these google forms.

The Brilliant Event

The first brilliant is over, but here were the quickly researched Brilliant event tasks and rewards and Accio’s tips for making the most of the Brilliant Events. The next one is sure to be lurking around the corner!

Witches and Wizards, Unite!

Best of luck. Together, through the creation and sharing of solid research, I believe we can overcome this Calamity.

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