The loose Niffler: WUtubers Witness Statements

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Our journalists have infiltrated the SoS Task Force to bring you the latest news. They have uncovered witness statements regarding encounters with the rogue Niffler by members of a group known as WUtubers. Watch the witnesses’ memories and let us know what you think.


The Daily Prophet

The Wizarding World’s Beguiling Broadsheet of Choice

The Ministry’s Tailored Tale

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Magic issued an official alert regarding yet another trace of magic in the Muggle world.

It was intended to warn the wizarding population of a Rogue Niffler on the Loose.

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Unfortunately for the Task Force members, Nifflers are exceptionally fast creatures, very difficult to catch. This one in particular made its way into a Muggle arcade in Great Britain. There, it was spotted by a group of children and recorded through Muggle technology. You can watch this footage below. Simply tap your wand on the triangle in the middle of the image.

Shortly thereafter came a Ministry Public Service Announcement. Although the goal was to assure the wizarding public that the situation was under control, the PSA was a thinly veiled attempt to convince more witches and wizards to enlist. This has been the case in every official Ministry announcement since The Calamity first began.

The Task Force spokeswizard also took the opportunity to give us some new information about the Wizarding-Muggle App they have developed for Task Force members: Wizards Unite.

You can find all we know about The Calamity and the Wizards Unite app right here.

Journalism at its best

Given the Ministry’s tight grip on information, the Daily Prophet decided to send some of its journalists out into the field. They completed their Ministry-approved training and became full members of the SoS Task Force.

In doing so, they gained access to some of the information the Ministry had been keeping from us.

The Travelling Niffler

The Niffler recently spotted in Great Britain is, by all accounts, the only one of its kind to make its way into Muggle areas. However, according to the documents and bottled memories our journalists acquired, this Niffler somehow made its way to America within hours.

This makes us think there there are more Nifflers out there or someone related to The Calamity is, in fact, causing the traces of magic purposefully.

Since this now qualifies as an international operation, the MACUSA files are available to the British Task Force as well. Which means our journalists could get their hands on the information as soon as the Ministry received it.

The Unexpected Witnesses

Once in America, this rogue Niffler went directly to Muggle areas. There are several accounts of the Niffler breaking into both wizarding and Muggle homes. We have captured and duplicated the bottled memories of some of the witnesses so you. Despite the risk to our journalists we decided our readers should see first hand what is really happening. What the Ministry refuses to tell us.

Before we share those memories, however, we feel that we should give you some basic information about these witnesses.

All of the people interviewed by MACUSA are Muggles who are aware of some details from the wizarding world due to The Great 1997 Cover-Up.

The Task Force has, in fact, been using The Great 1997 Cover Up to carefully release information about The Calamity to Muggles. They have introduced the idea of Wizards Unite to help solidify the belief that those traces of magic are simply part of the game.

It is important to maintain this deceit to help keep our world from exposure.

So while we encourage our readers to contact these witnesses through Muggle technology, we need to remind you that you must always adhere to the established ‘1997 Rules For Disclosure.’ The penalty for risking the standing of The Great 1997 Cover-up is, after all, a life sentence in Azkaban.

WUtubers Witnesses Unite

The group of Muggles who had contact with the Niffler and made the incident public somehow managed to find one another through Muggle Technology. Together they formed a group known as WUtubers, because of their belief in The Great 1997 Cover Up and their desire to download the Wizards Unite App when it becomes available for Muggle devices.

If you do not have a Pensieve you need not fret. The bottled memories have been distilled and reshaped for you to watch right here.

The Wizards’ Guide

Matt | imAnimagus


The Daily Dobby | Clay and Keaton

Wizard Way Kris

Witness Contact Information: Wizard Way and @WizardWayKris


Witches Unite

The Marauder’s Map


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