WU Release Date: What do WuTubers have to say?

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The wait is killing us!

We’ve been kind…we’ve been patient…we’ve been shamelessly begging for news. We even tried casting spells (and maybe a Curse or two.) But Niantic and Portkey Games always stay quiet.

Did @NianticLabs and @PortkeyGames actually make an Unbreakable Vow of silence? Did someone Obliviate them all? #WizardsUnite #IWantWizardsUnite Click To Tweet

We keep expecting a new trailer to drop. A Beta release date. A look at the gameplay. We even hijacked the superbowl tweets #WUperbowl in hopes of seeing some new footage during the commercials.

Any news is good news at this point. And when there aren’t any of those, we turn to SpeculaNews.

We’ve been through every video frame with a fine tooth comb. We’ve analysed their every action, their every statement. Even when it wasn’t necessarily related to Wizards Unite (like, perhaps, that Samsung deal) we tried to figure out what was happening.

But Legilimens we are not…Nor seers, for that matter.

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The WuTubers are out there

Then we realised we are not alone. There’s an entire troop of #WuTubers just as excited (and frustrated) as we are. So why not ask them for their opinion?

We’ve talked to some Fantastic WuTubers. We’ve asked them when they think the Wizards Unite AR Game will be released. Here’s what they had to say.

Please, take your seats and pay attention

We’ll Start off with Snitches and Witches:

  • Follow on:
    Twitter: @SnitchesWitch and Youtube: Snitches & Witches
  • Wizards Unite Release Date:
    Late May-Early June
  • Why did you choose that date?
    I really would LIKE for it to be the predicted Mid-March release as we saw in the leak from Paladone Wholesale and with what I’m hearing from people who have seen early gameplay, we can probably still guess that date safely.
    However, if we don’t get an open beta by mid February, I don’t see that happening. And releasing it earlier in the summer than PokémonGo was released is a very good idea.
    Do I want it by Mid-March? YES. IF it’s finished. If not, I’m cool with waiting. I want, as do all the amazing WUTubers, a finished game, not a glitchy early release.
    I really hope that myself and the over THIRTY other WUTubers have made that clear to Niantic. And I think with the launch PokemonGo had and the launch of Ingress Prime, I think they are striving for a clean launch.

Now let’s see what SlytherWin has to say:

  • Follow on:
    Twitter: @SlytherrWin and Youtube: SlytherWin
  • Wizards Unite Release Date:
    June 6th
  • Why did you choose that date?
    After hours of research, I find that my current prediction of Harry Potter Wizards Unite is either June 7, 2019 or July 6, 2019. I came to this prediction by examining the clock hands found in the Magic Exposure Threat Level clock on the Wizards Unite Website.
    macusa clock hands
    When these images are downloaded from the website code, they appear to be positioned in a very peculiar way.
    The way the website is coded, the clock hands are static files and the code directs them where to go. The bouncing effect is just a way that the hands have been coded to create the image of the motion.
    The images (found above) appear to be pointed in a specific direction. The image with the pointer finger was called “hour-hand.svg”. Therefore, the hour hand is positioned at the 6th hour. Therefore, I assume that 6 is necessary for the date.
    The second image is harder to read due to it pointing off to the side. Depending on the clock, it likely points somewhere close to the 7-minute mark. This image, named “minute-hand.svg”, is where I derived the number 7. Therefore, I assume that 7 is also included in the release date.
    As noted on a calendar, June is the 6th month of the year while July is the 7th month of the year. Together, these images lead me to believe that the 7th of June or the 6th of July could be the release dates of Harry Potter Wizards Unite.
    As an aside, Pokémon GO was released July 6th, 2016. As the organization would likely not want to split their fan base between two games, I lean more towards the June date to not conflict with any anniversary events in Pokémon GO. You can find the specific dissection of this theory here:

And what about Nick | WizardTube?

  • Follow on:
    Twitter: @HPWizardTube and Youtube: WizardTube
  • Wizards Unite Release Date:
     June or July.
  • Why did you choose that date
    Due to the Paladone leak, it was a common belief that they would release the game in March 2019.However, without any word of beta testing and no gameplay/launch date trailer released, that seems unlikely.
    They will definitely want to get the game out by summer and with the clock on their website ticking [approximately] one space a month, that would result in a June/July release.

Here’s what TheDailyDobby ||Clay thinks:

  • Follow on:
    Twitter: @DobbyDaily and Youtube: The Daily Dobby
  • Wizards Unite Release Date:
  • Why did you choose that date?
    Summer would be the smartest time to release the game from a marketing standpoint. People are more willing to want to walk and play in the summer, when it is warm in most places around the world.
    Niantic will also want children to be able to play the game and summer would be the optimum time because most kids are on break.
    Pokémon Go came out for Australia and the U.S. on July 6th. Niantic might follow the same pattern with Wizards Unite.
    Since Warner Bros. and Portkey Games are helping to develop this game, it may come out on July 31, J. K. Rowling and Harry Potter’s birthday. That seems unlikely however, because it is later in the summer.
    We think that it will either come out on a random date in July or perhaps on July 13-14, which is when the International Quidditch Association Pan-American Games are.

Lets see about AccioExplore‘s guess:

  • Follow on:
    Twitter: @AccioExplore and Youtube: Accio Explore
  • Wizards Unite Release Date:
    July 31st
  • Why did you choose that date?
    The reason why I’m choosing this is because this is both Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling’s birthday.
    And also Niantic released Pokémon Go in July as well.

Here’s what Lynette WizardPhD has to say:

  • Follow on:
    Twitter: @lynettedeaun and Youtube: WizardPhD
  • Wizards Unite Release Date:
    March 15th
  • Why did you choose that date
    I chose this date back in October 2018 (see Reddit post  with many predictions on the release date from fans and some WUtubers) because of a catalogue with a potential leak of March 2019 listed. By then, I was losing optimism for a 2018 release since it was nearly a year of silence.
    I chose March 15 as a nice benchmark date that landed on a Friday in the middle of the month. Other dates that week, however, seem plausible as well.
    During promo for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald this November, various Harry Potter social media accounts were using the hashtag to share bits of trivia and build excitement about the wizarding world. Wizarding Wednesdays would be very appealing for a launch day the more that I think about it, especially because Pokemon Go launched on a Wednesday… so maybe March 13, 2019?
    Alternatively, in the first teaser trailer we saw a timestamp in the lower left corner, “15:11,” which is 3:11pm. When read as a date, 3/11 translates to March 11. And although that is a Monday, it still falls on the same week!
    So, because I am participating in a prediction game on Reddit, March 15, 2019 is still my primary guess for the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite launch. My back-up guesses are still dates that week: Wednesday, March 13 or Monday, March 11. If the hype and promotion continues to build, we might get the game during first quarter of this year! Along with other WUtubers and fans, I will be excitedly waiting for its release.

What do you think, XpectoGO?

  • Follow on:
    Twitter: @Xpecto_Go and Youtube: XpectoGO
  • Wizards Unite Release Date:
    Late June or early July
  • Why did you choose that date?
    1) The Threat Level Clock – If you count the sections by months starting with November when the first trailer dropped it stops at June.
    2) Niantic dropped PoGO around that time – It’s summer time, the games are meant for you to play outside.
    3) Summer – Summer is the time when Niantic has their global events. It would be a great marketing plan to have PoGO Safari Events and WU Global event near the launch to build up the hype.

Will TheWizards’Guide give us the answer?

  • Follow on:
    Twitter: @theWizardsGuide and Youtube: The Wizards’ Guide
  • Wizards Unite Release Date:
    July 31st
  • Why did you choose that date?
    If you are a Harry Potter fan, you know this date is super important, as it is Harry’s birthday.
    I could see Niantic/Portkey Games celebrating this day by giving us all a huge present on our devices. Niantic usually likes to plan events around warmer months of the year, and July is right in the middle of summer for us here in the United States.
    This also lines up with the same month as Pokemon Go releasing back in 2016.
    Additionally, we have chosen this date because Niantic takes great joy in making our lives difficult and inconvenient. Haha! That’s right around the time we will be welcoming our new baby girl to the Wizards’ Guide household. Thanks Niantic.

Or maybe WizardWayKris will guess it right…

  • Follow on:
    Twitter: @WizardWayKris and Youtube: Wizard Way
  • Wizards Unite Release Date:
    July 8th
  • Why did you choose that date:
    Well, partly to be contrary, if I’m honest (Hello, my name is Kris, and I’m a Slytherin.), but mostly because we haven’t seen significant promotion yet to suggest a Spring beta or release.
    The game is obviously complex and will require more time to perfect. July 8th is the 20th Anniversary for the book release of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
    It would make sense to release the game during the northern hemisphere’s summer holidays to encourage family gameplay, and there is precedent with Pokémon GO having released during the same time period.
    With no word of a beta yet, I think it’s safe to say a summer release is the earliest we can hope for with Wizards Unite.

And here’s what Gitta Lovegood thinks

  • Follow on:
    Twitter: @GittaLovegood and Youtube: Gitta Lovegood
  • Wizards Unite Release Date:
    Late July/early August
  • Why did you choose that date?
    I want to begin by saying, even if Niantic has a projected release date for themselves, this would not be a release date I would trust.
    From Niantic’s history, this release will be very random and hard to predict.
    Recently, I was thinking the last week of May would be a good release date. Now, I’m leaning towards the end of July/early August.
    The worrying part at this point is the fact we don’t have a beta yet. If we had a beta, I would definitely say May.
    But as I said to begin with, I don’t think this prediction guessing game will do us any good when it comes to Niantic. They produce wonderful games, but sticking to timelines is not what they are known for.

Wizards Unite poll sum up:

So mostly, we’re expecting the release close to summer (except for @lynettedeaun who holds out hope for March)
Hopefully we’ll soon find out who guessed it right!

WuTubers, Unite!

So these were just some of our favourite #WuTubers sharing their thoughts on a possible Wizards Unite release date for fun.

Be sure to follow them on Twitter and to subscribe to their Youtube Channels for some awesome thoughts, opinions and, of course, videos.

However, these are not the only #WuTubers out there, so make sure to show your love and appreciation to every WuTuber you meet. And if you know of any other awesome Wutubers we might have missed (or if you are one) please scroll down and leave the info in the Owl Post comment section.

Accio Wizards Unite!

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    1. Yeah, I think we’re all secretly hoping for the best and getting ready for the worse, it’s already been almost 16 months since it was first announced. Grrr! (that was my frustrated growl, just FYI)

    1. Yeah, I’m starting to worry that if they wait too much longer it’s going to get to a point where people will lose interest. Why release two trailer videos late 2018 and then nothing since?

    1. No official news yet. Trailers have come on the week of the 14th every month except for January, so if they keep up with the schedule we could get something new in a couple of weeks. But if WB is gearing up, which we think they might considering the Niffler campaign we could be getting actual news soon!

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