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The WB Insiders

Just like we mentioned in our previous post, Is Niantic gearing up for the Wizards Unite release?, Warner Bros. began approaching WUtubers last week, offering them access to Wizards Unite’s behind the scenes.

At first it was hard to be sure exactly what this meant for those Influencers who had been working hard on the community and gathered quite the loyal following.  And also what it would mean for those of us subscribed to their channels to keep up with the latest news, theories, and some wonderful trailers and parodies.

Yesterday, we finally found out.

rogue niffler wizards unite

The Influencers

This week, those WUtubers received a letter from the Statute of Secrecy Task Force (you can find the full letter at the bottom of the post). The letter mentions the latest (#102) trace of magic: the Rogue Niffler loose in Britain we saw in the Trace Alert! poster.

Here is an excerpt from the letter.

Due to your knowledge of wizardry, you have been selected by the SoS Task Force for an assignment of the utmost importance.

We ask you to take this latest evidence of The Calamity and use Muggle technology to quickly and effectively alert the magical community.

But the letter didn’t come alone. It also brought us a brand new Wizards Unite video!

Unfortunately, this video hasn’t been uploaded by any of the official Wizards Unite sites, but check out this thread and you will find those WUtubers Influencers take on the trailer and the footage itself right here:

WUtuber: Influencers and WB insiders.

Discombobulated niffler

The Footage

Every member of the Task Force is in high alert since the Niffler went loose. It is only a matter of time before they find and contain it. Unfortunately, a group of Muggle children saw it first.

The video shows us an arcade in Britain. The niffler somehow managed to sneak into one of the machines. Then it stuck so many coins in its pouch that a handful of them just popped out every time the poor creature sneezed.

This, of course, caught the attention of a group of children in the arcade. And some Muggle proceeded to record it on video.

The Niffler video was been retrieved by Task Force members and the witnesses Obliviated. However, this incident is further proof of just how dangerous The Calamity is to our way of life.

A hint into Gameplay?

Take a close look at the Niffler footage, as well as the Nimbus trailer released last year. You might find some similarities.

On both videos, when it cuts to the drawn image of the trace, you can see a trace on the picture. Let’s have a look:

niffler wand movement

nimbus wand movement

The lines over the Niffler resemble the shape of the letter ‘e’. But the lines over the Nimbus are two half-circles. This seems to be a trace of the wand movement needed to stop or capture these rogue objects or beasts. So perhaps, even though it seems we haven’t seen anything specific about the game, they have shown us just the smallest glimpse into how it might work.

One thing is for sure, though. We are definitely getting fantastic beasts as part of the Wizards Unite experience. Will this include magical pets?

The Letter

Here is the full WB letter WB the chosen few received. Have a look and see if you can find any clues in it we might have missed.

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    1. I sure hope so, I think those movements would be a little hard to do on the phone screen if the niffler or the broomstick are moving, and I doubt they’ll stop and sit pretty for us. We should start a new #WeWantWands XD

    1. I think they will probably come out on iOS too, but if Samsung’s deal is related to the game everyone else might have to wait a bit longer. Or maybe they’ll only offer beta testing to Samsung devices? Only time will tell, because Niantic seems to be even more tight-lipped than Marvel itself ?

    1. That’d be great, or add something to smartwatches to trace hand movements so even kf we don’t get a wand for the game we can use our own wands and the phone will track the movement through our wrists…that’d be neat. And probably cheaper!

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